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Take a look at these top Colorado Mountain Wedding Trends!

April 3, 2016

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Your wedding is bound to be absolutely stunning if you choose to have it in the middle of the gorgeously picturesque scenery of the Colorado Mountains. And while the amazing natural décor does make for a pretty fabulous wedding, you might want to make sure all those natural beauties are superbly emphasized by your wedding décor too.

How to do it? What are some of the best Colorado Mountain wedding trends to bring into your Big Day? We have gathered some of the best ideas to inspire you – so read on and find out more.

  • Bold colors. Neutrals and blush pink are still on top of the bridal preferences when it comes to mountain weddings – but other, bolder colors, are making their way into the décor too. In particular, brides are falling in love with various shades of green (which go perfectly with the mountain landscape).
  • Metallic shades and metals are a huge trend in 2016 – and out of all the metallics, copper wins the race for the warmest and most welcoming one. Pair your copper with lush florals, deep greens and a touch of rustic romance to create a wedding décor that’s as unforgettable as it is unique.
  • Canadian touches. Plaid, woodland-inspired décor and even lumberjack-inspired outfits – they have all won our hearts this year and they can work more than wonderfully for a mountain wedding. We say you should give Canadian fashion a chance and bring its most popular elements into your Big Day.
  • Want a mountain wedding that feels rustic and very contemporary at the same time? Settle for geometric shapes! They will “urbanize” the rustic environment and they will add a completely unique and original nuance to your rustic wedding. From wedding invitations to table centerpieces, everything can be “geometrized” in a fabulous way – so use your creativity and you’ll surely come up with décor ideas that are simply amazing!

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Photo source: 54041829@N07

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