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Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

May 1, 2012

ImageGift Ideas for Mom

She kissed your boo-boos, took care of you when you were sick (or just sad), and helped you fall asleep after a nightmare. When the face only a mother could love needed a tissue, Mom held it up to your nose and said, “Blow”.  Mothers are a special breed of people

One day each year, we pause to appreciate all that moms do for their kids. But what gift says everything you want to say: thank you, you’re the best, I realize now, you’re special, I love you, I appreciate everything you taught me, or aren’t you glad I grew up into a responsible adult? Here are some ideas:


Fresh flower bouquets are perfect on Mother’s Day because they are such a great idea. Flowers are delicate, yet they are tough enough to break out of the constraints of a bud. Delicate and tough, just like moms. Women appreciate beauty and fragrance. Flowers provide both. You might be surprised to know that, even though it’s on a Sunday, Mother’s Day flower delivery does exist. Make lunch, invite your mom to join you, and have the flowers delivered while she’s there. (Be sure to set the table just like she taught you.) If you live too far away, a flower delivery on her special day means that much more.


Call Amore Fiori Flowers to create your unique gift basket

Bath and body gift baskets let Mom know she deserves a break. Whether it’s an aroma therapy bath, a fragrant body lotion, or a combination of beautiful smelling goodies, the gift basket transforms your mother’s bathroom into a spa. It’s the refreshing relaxation she’s wanted ever since you crammed gummy bears into the toaster as a child.

European Dish Gardens make wonderful Mother’s Day gifts. Denver is notorious for turbulent Springs. It can be warm one day and snowing the next, creating a challenge for garden lovers. Bring the garden and the flowers inside with a blooming dish garden basket.  Just as beautiful as a bouquet of cut flowers but the dish garden will continue to grow and bloom as long as Mom nurtures it. She took care of you, so she can handle the flowers.

Whether you use these gift ideas, fly across the country to surprise her, or help your kids serve her breakfast in bed, remember to show your appreciation to mothers on their special day.

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  1. December 27, 2012 9:10 pm

    My Mom celebrated her 75th birthday and I was thinking what kind of gift will make her smile. I planned to give her a jewelry set, but apparently, she doesn’t enjoy such things, Then my wife said that my mom would probably love (and will prefer) flowers than a jewels. So sent her a bouquet of roses and lily’s and she loved it. I love how she smiled that day. =)

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